A tiny adventure.

So, here it is. We are going to build ourselves a wee house on a flat bed trailer. WHAT? Yuper. My wife, Joanna and I were sent a link by our mum for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I recommend you check it out. We thought it was such a creative idea, which then quickly turned into a dream. For those of you that know us, this is probably not a surprise. Every thing seemed to be lining up, so we decided “lets do it”! Why put a down payment on a house when we could use it to build one? So, this is the plan: over this year we want to build the Fencl (that is the name of the model). It should cost around $25,000.

Like many other projects we have embarked upon, this is out the box. We hope that this will be helpful to anyone who wants to do a similar thing. That’s all for now. Much more to come….


  1. monique says:

    that’s good to hear, it would be amazing to follow you guys!

  2. Jim Garrow says:

    What did the flat bed trailer cost you and where did you get it from?

  3. Ben & Carolina says:

    Hi there! Thats awesome!
    I just found this blog..We hope to bould our tiny house to. We are in Argentina, so its a little more difficult and expensive, but we will do what we can!.


    Ben and Caro

  4. I love the small house idea. Would be great to put solar panels on the roof. To generate electricity on the move.

    • We intend on having solar & wind by the end of the year. Won’t have the panels on the roof though, because when we tow the house, they’d fall off. Thinking of perhaps using them as a side porch hang over/roof like those pull out rolls of fabric that some RVs have.

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