Building the Fencl

Here is a video of Jay Shafer and his team building the home we will be building. It may take us longer that 8 minutes.


  1. Look like you guys are a very good team. Within no time the tiny but looking comfy house is ready.

  2. Susan & Paul says:

    I’ll be finishing our Fencl foundation this weekend. Your house looks so nice, I wish we could just fast forward to the finish. SO much work to do…

    You guys have been an inspiration. I’ve studied your videos to help fill some gaps between Tumbleweed’s plans and my building experience.

    Colin, I could use a mentor. See videos of us fumbling our way through at:

    • Collin & Joanna says:

      Good for you guys. We watched and looked at what ever pictures and videos we could to fill in the gaps as well. Great idea. Some times you just need to see how someone else did something. I am so glad that our documenting has been of help to you. Bless you guys. The end in a nice place to be but only because you can look back on the proses. So hang in there and enjoy it all. Even the moments when you don’t have a freaking clue what you are doing and you just want to smash it up. You will be so relieved when you find a solution to those problems.
      Peace in. Its a lot more useful in than out.