Tool Hunt

Yeah! I got tools. I went tool shopping the other day with my good friend Rick Speare from Speare Construction. Great guy. It was so good having someone with me that really knew what they were talking about. There were a few things that I thought looked great that he assured me were junk and a few tools we got that I didn’t even think of. Thanks Rick. You are a real friend. So, here is what I bought:

Photo taken by my lovely wife, Joanna.


  1. Mik says:

    I would like to know exactly what tools you decided to buy if you wouldn’t mind writing a tool list and the whys and why nots advice from your friend. And now that you have used them, maybe a little review of what you thought and what you found you still needed to buy or borrow.

    • Hi there Mik.
      When I was buying tools, I was trying to keep in mind that I wont have a lot of storage space. Also, I wanted to buy quality so that I didn’t have to keep replacing tools year after year. My freind helped with that as he knows what is quality. Here is what we bought/borrowed with some reasons and thoughts:

      Safty Glasses: I like my eyes. They work well for me and I want to keep it that way lol.
      Makita skill saw: Love it. A bit heavy but a good saw with good sized solid adjustment nobs.
      Dewalt 18v cordless drill: Excellent buy. It is a good one with metal chuck and harmer action for drilling into stone.
      Dewalt angle grinder: this came in a package deal with the drill so we thought why not. Used it for cutting the gard rails off the trailer.
      Thick extension cable: my friend let me know that you can wreck your tools over time using extension cables that are to thin.
      Stanly claw hammer: this was actually a wedding gift but it is a good hammer. However it doesn’t hold up to bending steel lol. Kind of busted mine a bit doing that when taking rails of the trailer.
      Rona chisel set: Not used them to much yet. I probable will more in the inside finishing. Nice to have them though.
      Milwaukee drill bits: nice having a good set of drill bits. Just a hand sized set with about 10ish bits.
      Chock line: really handy. Saved me drawing LONG lines with a pence.
      Tool belt: I bought this in a thrift store for like $10. Money well spent I can tell you that.
      Metal speed square: this was a real good thing to buy. I use it all the time. I am still learning how to use a lot of the numbers on it in relation to framing.
      Good sized measuring tape.

      Radial arm saw: I am so grateful to my friend for letting me borrow this because it has been so helpful. I could have used the skill saw for the most part i guess.
      Steel cutting scissors: use this for the steel roofing. The roofing is nasty stuff; watch your hands.

      That is it for the most part. I didn’t bother with 2000 peace drill/screw bit packs, just bought the few that I needed. I hope that was helpful Mik.
      Take care. Peace in.


  2. Mik says:

    Thanks Collin,
    That was helpful. Lucky me, I have almost all of those tools already, all 18v cordless. If I build a Tumbleweed Home, I will be doing the opposite of most people who build them. I will be UP-sizing, as I currently “live” in less than 30 square feet. The back of an old Toyota Truck. Jay has been in my house during a workshop in Vancouver. Thanks again for your tool list.


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