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Pocket Full Of Pictures

We thought we would start a wee picture collection of our build. We will keep it on the sidebar for you and continue to add to it as we build.

Preparation & Promotion

Alright. So now, here’s where we get to the good stuff! The actual materials arrive & the actual building begins…! httpv:// By the way, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has a great promotion on. You can click the image to find out about it.

Help from Scotland on the way!

This Is Derek. He is Collin’s brother from Scotland. He’s a nice guy; he’s flying over to Canada this month to help us build the Fencl house! He used to do construction, so we are excited for his expertise. If you are over in our part of Barrie, On, during the last week of June, […]

Trailer Purchase

Really good news: we bought our trailer bed! This will be the foundation for our house. Rick Speare, our good friend, drove us from Barrie to just outside of London to pick it up. Intruder Trailers was the name of the company where we purchased it. We found out about Intruder Trailers thanks to the […]