Trailer Purchase

Really good news: we bought our trailer bed! This will be the foundation for our house. Rick Speare, our good friend, drove us from Barrie to just outside of London to pick it up. Intruder Trailers was the name of the company where we purchased it. We found out about Intruder Trailers thanks to the couple on the Tumbleweed Tiny House Blog who are along building the Fencl.

Intruder Trailer and Hitch Center is located here:

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  1. Congratulations you guys! I’m very excited to follow your progress. I hope you guys continue to do more videos because I’m looking forward to it! Talk to you soon. ~Alex

  2. By the way I also love your website design. Tiny house with the roots looks great!

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  4. tradewinds780 says:

    What size is the trailer. I couldn’t quite understand it on the video?

    • 8’x19′, I believe.

      • Susan & Paul says:

        The guy on the video said 18′ x 81″. My trailer is 18′ x 82″ and Tumbleweed recommends 18′ x 83″, which I agree with.

        Colin, did you have any issues with the narrowness of your trailer? Is that why you fastened the aluminum flashing to the bottom of the trailer’s deck?

        I made these videos describing my issues and why you need the full 83″ width:

        Susan & Paul

        • Collin & Joanna says:

          I think I am in the same position as you as far as the over hang. I fastened the flashing to the bottom so that I could use the spaces in-between the trailer floor beams for extra insulation. Good thinking with the corner brackets. As for the any spacing around the edges of the fencl floor frame, I just spray foamed them. Hope that helps,


          • Susan & Paul says:

            Good to see you are still in one piece after at least one cross-country move. I have high hopes for those brackets of mine. May your screws all hold and your spray foam never be structurally tested. 🙂

  5. Ella says:

    What kind of trailer did you guys get? I’m about to start construction on my own fencl at the end on the month and I was thinking of getting one with a higher GVWR to make my little house as sturdy as possible.

    Of course I’m just finding out that the trailer I’m looking at with a 10000 GVWR is a bit higher off the ground than the one that Tumbleweed reccommends and I’m concerned that I’ll have to alter the plans so it’s not too tall at the end. Scary stuff…

    • Collin & Joanna says:

      I actually don’t know who made the trailer and I spray-painted over the sine lol. You may have to alter the plans marginally anyway as the wheel wells may not be in the same place on your trailer as on the plan. That is what I found anyway. 10,000 GVWR is 2,800 more than recommended so that would be one sturdy home. Hope your build gose well. Take care.