Framing The Fencl

Good morning dear readers! Thank you for waiting for us. This video goes out with a humungous thank you to my parents and my brother Derek who donated their time and money to this section of the build. As we haven’t updated in a while, this video is longer than the average attention span of a westerner.

We cover:

  • Building The Base
  • Workin’ The Walls
  • Raising The Roof
  • Making Window Space



  1. Alex says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video, thanks for taking the time to record, edit, and share with all of us. Very inspiring! I’m looking forward to more of your updates. Have a great day!!

    – Alex

  2. […] Check out a video of the foundation, framing, walls, roof, and window prep of their tiny house. […]

  3. Bruce Vanden Berg says:

    A few things…
    Joanna you are so cute.
    The walls going up reminded me of an amish barn raising.
    At the beginning of the video what camera were you using? It was a different quality and it looked really nice. Just wondering is all.

  4. Hi Bruce,

    Good question about the camera. Michael actually recorded that with his new Canon 5D mark 2. I think. It is beautiful isn’t it. A friend of mine at is using the same camira and the HD stuff he is shooting is freaking amazing.

  5. Jack says:

    found your blog on tumbleweed tiny house’s resource page. I will be following along.

    p.s. – please wear eye protection when you’re working on this project.


  6. Chris Newton says:

    Hi Joanna and Collin,

    My family is building an earthship in British Columbia (

    Sandra forwarded an email that you sent to her about your housing project the other day, and I finally got around to looking at my emails … (we are waiting for roofing material and Sandra and the kids went to town to collect pop cans for our walls so I am at loose ends this morning).

    To quote Collin’s email I ‘freakin love’ what you guys are doing. We definitely need to be doing more of this kind of construction!

    Do you plan to park and live in one location or do you plan to travel? I have read up on these buildings before but have honestly never thought of the ease of moving them. It makes me look at my trailer (looks a lot like the one you are building on) in a whole new way …

    The five of us are living in 600 sqft while building our house. Living in a small space can be quite liberating, it does not take long to clean. Unfortunately I think the kids are ready for their own bedrooms!

    Best of luck with your house!


  7. Ellen says:

    I want to build one so bad! Everyone thinks I’m crazy. I’m flat broke, though. I can’t start building until my daughter goes off to college. That’s about a year and a half. Then I can move to the back house (1 bedroom) which has a large concrete patio that’s perfect for the project. Don’t know how I can wait till then, but I have to. I’m 53, and I want to live in it and travel some when I retire, sometime after 55. I get a vicarious thrill watching you build yours. Thanks!