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Catchin’ Ya’ll Up To Speed

Here are some shots to catch you up to speed: The other day we treated the facia. Went to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore and found flooring for the living room (for $40!): We got the Grace Ice and Water Shield on every inch of the plywood! Lastly, we had a laugh at the significance of […]

All in Drew Time

Our recently married friend (woo!) Drew Taylor came by this afternoon to help us with the roof! Collin and my dad have been slaving away this week with the last of the plywood for covering every inch of our home’s roof. I came back from lunch with my friend Danielle and saw the front peak […]

Raise the Roof!

This week has truly been visually rewarding: we are seeing our tarped trailer “home” become a covered, roofed house. My dad has been surprising us with his youthful agility while he swings from the rafters with hammer in hand. (He would undoubtedly like to thank Mannatech for this.)