Raise the Roof!

This week has truly been visually rewarding: we are seeing our tarped trailer “home” become a covered, roofed house. My dad has been surprising us with his youthful agility while he swings from the rafters with hammer in hand. (He would undoubtedly like to thank Mannatech for this.)


  1. The picture of your house next to the no mobile house is sweet! that look so great! keep up the good work guys!

  2. Lorrina Burns says:

    You guys are doing a most awesome job. How long has the process been since you have started. My husband and I along with our 4 children are thinking about building our own and were very interested in all the details. Again you guys are doing a most awesome job….

    Lorrina, Paul and kids…

    • Hi Lorrina, sorry about the delay. I think we started back in March. I guess if you new exactly what you were doing, had all the money and time you needed you could do it faster that we are doing it. But we are enjoying the process of learning and doing this debt free.

      What a fun thing this would be to do with your family. Thats a great idea.
      Thank you for your comment.