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2 out of 9!

Collin is a full time graphic designer. Collin also has a cold. Collin came home from work, tired, worn out, and sick, yet managed to put in window # 2!

Rain on Our Parade

Yesterday was a challenging day; it was cold, it looked like rain, and we needed to paint our siding. In fact, the last three days have been on repeat. We don’t have a garage to work in, so outside is our work space. We, I mean I, underestimated how long staining would take. We’ve completed […]

From A Tiny Adventure to A Big Adventure

Collin. Me. Glasgow. 11 days. We are fixing up Collin’s parents’ 150 year old, sandstone, 6 bedroom house. This will be quite the larger scale house to fix up, but we’ll have 6 weeks to do it. Before we go, we need to put in all nine windows, and all of the pine siding! (Not […]

Window, Window on the Wall…

This month has been a month of surprises: we bought a car, grabbed last minute flights to Scotland, and had our windows come! We had ordered nine custom sized windows from Speare Windows back at the beginning of August. We didn’t know when they would arrive, so it was a lovely surprise once they did:

We’re Famous!

Our blog is now a link on THE Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s Website! We are on the Blog page as well as the House page.