From A Tiny Adventure to A Big Adventure

Collin. Me. Glasgow. 11 days.

We are fixing up Collin’s parents’ 150 year old, sandstone, 6 bedroom house. This will be quite the larger scale house to fix up, but we’ll have 6 weeks to do it. Before we go, we need to put in all nine windows, and all of the pine siding! (Not to mention the staining/treating!)

Do you think we can do it in time?


  1. Carol says:

    Hi there I just found your blog via the link on Tumbleweed. I am so impressed. That is awesome that you two are doing this. I am hopefully going to build something along this line come spring, provided my house sells. How have you planned to deal with waste water? I am trying to figure out the details of where to put it and how to deal with all those other typical waste and supply issues, and am unsure of what to do with the waste water in winter (other then the old fashioned bucket of grey water you chuck out the door). Any ideas that you have come up with? I am thrilled you folks are in Ontario, plus you are so close to me. I am currently located in Lindsay. (1/2 hour west of Peterborough) I have a bunch of dogs and trying to figure out whether or not the fencl will be big enough to accomodate them as well as myself. I am thinking I may need to add about 6 xtra feet to accomodate them. But this is surely the plan in the forefront of my mind.
    Love your brave step! You go! Live the dream!

    • Hi Carol!

      Joanna here. I know exactly where you live, I have friends in that area. Way to sell your house and build a tiny one! So unconventional, eh?
      As for the grey and black water, we are doing a non-traditional thing; we are composting. we will have a lovable loo. You can google it.
      Basically, it’s a box toilet with a bucket underneath and every time you use it (with degradable toilet paper) you sprinkle a certain type of
      sawdust on top to eliminate odour. One the bucket’s full, it goes out in a 1 sq metre pile/bin to decompose over 12 months (for Canadian
      weather & temperatures make that process slower than say, Haiti climate which only takes 4 months or so). I recommend taking to Jay
      Shafer regarding altering the plans (for copyright’s sake and idea’s sake). He’s super, super nice to talk to.

      Bless ya in this journey!!

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