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Collin and I are now back in Ontario, from our Scottish Holiday. We had a wonderful time away helping his parents fix up their beautiful big house. Astonishing how much work can be done on a house. We were reminded how wise our choice was with going small just now. Upon coming home, we were welcomed by our house sitting at the end of the driveway like a little puppy.

Photographs taken by Michael Steingard.


  1. dari says:

    How is it to have 2 of you living in a tumbleweed house? I’ve looked at the plans for a couple of years now for my husband and I, but haven’t read many examples of 2 people living in this tiny space.

    • We are not sure yet as we haven’t moved in! The inside isn’t finished. I guess it depends on the person, in terms of adjusting to less space. We are downsizing to make it work for us. Everything inside will have a specific place, and function. Personal design is key.

  2. Evilbeard says:

    Did you change the interior layout in the design of your Fencl? I’m always most curious about the finished insides of these tiny houses and how they function for the occupants.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Sheila says:

    My partner & I just found your site today. What a WONDERFUL job you’re doing!! We love the videos!

    We’re building our own wee home too – it’ll end up being a combination of several small homes we’ve seen in the small house movement, including parts of the Fencl. You’re a lot further along than we are. You give us inspiration to continue onward!

    Wishing you Happy Wee House Dreams!
    Sheila & Kai in Vermont

  4. Tammy says:

    Hello, great blog! I have been very interested in one of these but am wondering where they can be parked? I live in the U.S. and the regulations are a bit tough here. Also love the Scotland pics. I am scottish but have never been there, yet 🙂

    • We haven’t actually decided where we are putting ours. I am pretty sure you can park them them in trailer parks and camp grounds. Beyond that we are still working the answer.

  5. Barry says:

    You’re making very nice progress! It’s useful to see the details (thank you for this). Where do you plan to site the house? Are you making any plans for what one might call a “hookup”? (Electricity, water, waste?)


    • We are hoping to park on friends’ land until the day when we can buy our own. As for hookups, we are making it adaptable: connectible to the grid, as well as off the grid. For electricity, we are aiming for solar panels. For water, we are hoping to collect rain water (catch, store & purify for showers & dishes). For waste, we will be making a lovable loo ( describes it much better than I could). As for heating, we are using a propane fed fireplace made by Dickinson Newport.

  6. Jon says:

    Great house, thanks for the sweet videos! Hoping to build one of my own soon… Do you suggest buying the plans, I’m thinking about using the idea but working around a bit longer of a trailer say 22′ and say no nook another nice sized loft and center the door with a fold down 3 x 3 something front porch??? Doing more research for now though but any information is still use full information! Merry Christmas to you two I hope your build is still going good, would love to hear more and see a finished product! Good luck

    • You’re very welcome, Jon! Our pleasure. In terms of the plans, I will always recommend purchasing them as to not rip off the artist/architect. They spent a great deal of time, effort & education on it, and by not buying it, you are not valuing them or the product. Cool idea to make some changes that will suit you better. Say, have you seen their website? You may be describing one of their other houses! Jay Shafer has loads of varying ideas.

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