Our Tiny Christmas

It’s Christmas time! It’s also our tiny house’s first winter. She’s excited about the blanket of white resting around her.


  1. Jack says:

    beautiful picture

  2. Wendy Clement says:

    Merry Christmas, folks. Love your house. I wish I could
    follow your path. My life is full of such stress that I have
    recently needed to have a pacemaker put in(6 days ago). I have gone
    through cancer, the death of a child, and many other terrible
    stresses recently. My dream is to get away from all of this and do
    what you have done. I am still young, but my goals are to live as
    simple a life as possible. Keep up the dream. You are on the right

  3. chuck culbertson says:

    Hey Collin & Joanna,
    Happy New Year to ya from Raleigh NC!!! Looks like you guys got hit with a lot of snow also over the holidays. Pics look great. Have you finished up yet. I know you cant wait to get inside.
    What is your target completion date and are you on facebook.

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