Free Find!

On the topic of house furnishings, we found ourselves a steal of a deal for a mattress thanks to Kijiji (again)! We bought a black futon mattress to fit in the loft, but it came with a frame that we didn’t need. So, we then sold the frame on Kijiji to a guy who had a mattress, but no frame! At the end of it all, we got the mattress free!!

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  1. Abe Martinez says:

    I’ve been following your progress for a few months now. I’m a reporter for an NPR radio station and was doing a story on the whole tiny house movement when I came across your site. I had to give my story a local link, so I chose folks in Arkansas to interview. Nevertheless, I find your site to be outstanding and your efforts as builders, artists, and musicians to be inspiring.
    My wife and I are soon to move to the Seattle area and thought very seriously about building a Fencl ourselves, but we have two dogs, four cats and a home-based business. Space is a premium. But then again, who knows?
    Best to both of you. Thanks for the music. I really love the 25 Days song. I’d be fascinated to know what your plans for the future are. I’ll keep following the blog and find out.

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