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First Night out!

This month has been full of excitement! Not only did we have a friend from Ireland come visit us, but we also had our first night out in the house! (Having a due date to get things done really helps you work harder.) So, our friend stayed in our room (in the bigger house) while […]

Donation Station

Friends & Followers, We thank you so much for paying an interest in our building adventure! Can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement far and wide. We now take this opportunity to ask for any donations as our funds are starting to dwindle. Hopefully, this project will be completed by the beginning of May. […]

Jay’s Fencl in New Hampshire

Ran across a blog with these photos of Jay Shafer’s Fencl parked in New Hampshire, USA. You can rent it per night for $250. Steep price, but where else could you stay in something like this?

Ceiling done & Chandelier hung

A lot is happening so quickly! Our ceiling is 100% finished, the chandelier is hung, the loft Ikea pod lights are installed, the baywindow walls below two out of three windows are done, a tankless water heater is ordered, and a three burner stove cook top is on its way! Collin is doing such a […]