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Friends & Followers,

We thank you so much for paying an interest in our building adventure! Can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement far and wide.

We now take this opportunity to ask for any donations as our funds are starting to dwindle. Hopefully, this project will be completed by the beginning of May. That leaves us two and a half months to come up with about $5,000 – $7,000.

Thank you, sincerely, for your support. We are humbled and inspired by the many people who have helped us in our dream of living simple, small, and off-grid.

Collin & Joanna Gibson.

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  1. Stephan says:

    Don’t get discouraged, most people underestimate the time and money involved with building a house, yes, even tiny and wee houses follow suit. The framing and exterior envelope go up so quick that its natural to feel like a grey cloud starts hanging around come the finishing and furnishing, which is a significant cost (time and money).

    Keep on plugging away and trust in the Carpenter upstairs that He will see you succeed. Work for wages when you get sick of working on the house, and then go back to working on the house when you get sick of working for wages, and it will all come together in due time.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Stephan and Bre in BC

  2. Hi there! We stumbled across a newspaper article for tiny houses while in Quebec visiting family. We too have absolutely fallen in love with the idea. We have been married less than a year and are seriously contemplating this as our next move! Just wanted to give you a nod for being brave and thinking ‘outside the box’ and hope all works out with your plans… We will be excited to see your finished project online and maybe even come and see the real thing one day???!!!
    We live not too far away in the GTA.

    Hope all works out !

    Sofia and Kazimir

  3. Greg says:

    Hi guys! I have a quick question regarding the width of your house and how you attached it to the trailer. I am in the process of buying a trailer at the moment and there are a couple of questions I was hoping you may be able to answer. When you installed the floor joists were you able to extend them beyond the sides of the trailer bed? I specifically want to know whether or not I can extend the floor almost all the way to the edges of the wheel fenders. In all of the pictures I’ve seen of the Fencl and Tarleton in construction none of them utilized nearly 6 inches on either side of the trailer and I am wondering if there is a reason for this. Does it have anything to do with the eaves of the roof extending out further than the 8-1/2 foot road width limit? Also, is there any danger in having the weight of the walls and roof on a floor that extends out further than the trailer bed? I will be building with 2×6 joists for the floor.

    • Hi there Greg.
      Yes we were able to extend them beyond the sides of the trailer bed. After all the guard railing was removed there was still a lip that surrounded the base of our trailer. We just cut into the areas where the floor joists intersected it so that the floor would be resting on the trailer bed. You may be able to see this in some of our pictures here. We were careful not to compromise the integrity of the trailer. For the most part I followed the plans. So I am not sure of all the reasoning behind the flour frame width. I think you are rite in that, it probably has a lot to do with the overall width with the roof overhang.

  4. Chase says:

    Just curios. Do people really donate to you guys. Because I need money to build my own house.

    • Not many. We are very grateful for those who do. The site was set up really to let our friends and family follow what we are up to. Then others came along for the ride. We thought we might as well position ourselves to receive gifts if people wanted to give them.

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