April Showers Bring May Movers

Hi Friends! Hope this finds you well. Collin & I have had a lot going on in the last month: a trip to Kansas City, several trips to Stratford, lots of interior wood work on the house & a decision to move! Once our house is complete, which we aim to by the end of this month, we plan on towing our wee house to Stratford, Ontario. We are excited! Finally getting to the end of our (almost) year project.

Below is a video that lets you see what we’ve been up to inside. Sorry in advance for the loud background music which probably adds to the chaotic fast paced movie… Enjoy!



  1. Melissa says:

    I am very interested in building my own tiny house. I have spent hours on the Tumbleweed website and bought the book a couple weeks ago. I am running into a couple issues 1)Where did you decide to park your Tumbleweed? I have family where I could park it with for a time but when I want to get on the road, it’s time to get creative. What have you done? 2)I have also been thinking of either keeping my house on friends’ land perhaps for rent or buying a house on a fairly spacious lot and renting the house. I am, however, concerned. What if I can’t rent that house? Then I will be over my head in expenses. How did you overcome the obstacles to make your tiny house a reality?

    • Hi Melissa. We are actually checking out a place this weekend to park out wee house. It is on a friend’s 1.5 Acre property. We have been renting while we build (no mortgage). So we will just stop renting and then move into out fencl and leave; granted the the place we are checking out works. So, I am not sure what to suggest. The challenges we are facing are different I think. Perhaps you could put aside the money for the project before starting while figuring out some of the wrinkles. Hope that is helpful. Enjoy the adventure. Collin.

  2. Wayne says:

    Hi Collin & Joanna 🙂

    I am so impressed that you two are doing this … you have started your life off right!


  3. I just stumbled onto your sight. It is so cool to see other folks building tiny spaces. My husband and are are building a Tumbleweed house on a mountain. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  4. Amanda says:

    Good Luck Collin and Joanna!!

    Nice to see the progress so far. Great time of the year to work on your space 🙂 have fun! Hope I get to see the final result.

    • Amanda, we hope to see the final result in a week! And yes, now that it’s warmer, working on it is that much more enjoyable. No more preheating the “oven” (house) before working.

  5. mary lou moher says:

    Hello Colin and Joanna,
    I have enjoyed watching your progress towards off grid living and have a couple of questions mostly about how you meet your water needs.
    I’m interested in supply, heating and how you. get it from the tank to the kitchen sink and bathroom shower. Would you have done anything differently. I will hopefully start my tiny house this spring if I overcome a couple of hurdles. Like where will I park it for insyance since out here just east of Oshawa there arent all year park. Other than the water issue I wonder how you wee house has held up over this very mild winter. Thank you for any time you give to my questions, Mary Lou

    • Collin says:

      Hi there Mary Lou.
      Out water came from a garden outlet. For a while we had that feed a take and a pump take from the tank. Then we realized, shouldn’t we just use the pressure in the garned outlet, so we bypassed the pump. The pump is great to have but it is nice no to hear it. So, our pluming flow goes like this: water in, tank, pump, sediment filter, uv filter, split for hot and cold, hot goes to heater and them onto hot tap and shower. If it is a pressured line in, then it goes straight to the filter stage. Our water heater in on demand and uses propane. Our change to allow for the pressured line is is what we would have done different but we fixed that. There may have been more things but we are actually expecting our first baby and have decided to sell our house and move right into town. Although we have mooved out of the house it held up well during winter. One thing to think about is using a dehumidifier in the winter. That is a must! Hope that helps.
      Take care,