3 Weeks & Counting!

In three weeks we hope to finally be living in our home! Our friend will tow it to the Stratford area and away we’ll go! Here’s the lastest:

Video of Collin altering the pull out couch!

Collin picking out our chairs for the living room in IKEA

Collin ripping apart the pull out couch for the bay window area

View from porch

Fireplace & couch nook

Bathroom cabinet up on the (varnished) wall!

Slant to see white washed kitchen wall, cabinet & completed lovable loo!

White washed walls & backsplash

Corner detail

Fridge all sluggled in

Cupboard doors

View from kitchen into living room

Baywindow all framed:)

Font door & lamp

If you are our local friends, you are welcome to our House Warming/Leaving Party at the end of the month. See Facebook for deets!


  1. Rachel says:

    2 things
    Thing 1- I recognize that FRIDGE!
    Thing 2- My door used to be that exact shade of purple before Senor Peniche came in and changed it for a drab WHITE metal one.

    • Yes! Bought it on Kijiji and realized once I arrived at the door that it was your momma sellling it! Ha! Small world. Such a great fridge, eh? Can’t wait to use it in a week & a half in Stratford!

      The colour of our door is a wonderful one. I loved it so much that I painted our lovable loo (toilet) that colour as well! Love matching within my 130 sq ft world. Sad about the metal replacement for your door… You could add a wreath on it or something to make it a little more cute?!

  2. Been following awhile quietly – loving the final details – looking forward to seeing pics when it’s complete! Especially like the kitchen – real style in a small scale!

    As the end is coming on the construction process, hope you’ll continue blogging some about life in a small house. Seems a lot of these blogs slip away after the construction is over.

    • Thank you, kindly. I hoped that the white in the kitchen would add an illusion of extra space, give it a clean feel, and a cottage style. We do plan on keeping the posts coming once we’ve moved in. As of May 7th, living in it will not just be a dream, but a reality.