We Moved!

The fateful day finally arrived- moving day! After a year of building, we were ready to move house (literally) and start a new life in our new home.

Collin helping Trevor back the truck to the hitch.

My brother also helping.

Hooking it up and making it safe.

My dad inspecting. Notice the silver tool shed on the truck; it’s for better wind resistance/gas mileage.

Trevor, the professional driver, explaining the process.

Baby Steps out of the yard. First few feet and looking stable.

Eying out the action plan for the steep driveway.

Street view. The truck looks bigger than my house!

Got it down the driveway perfectly. Now checking out the break lights.

Showing off our baby on the road before the long drive.

Getting ready to follow from behind.

On the road! A little nerve wracking, but it rode smoothly.


Collin, Katelyn and I as we pulled over to move our ladder inside to be more secure.

Driving through Listowel, I believe.

Approaching Grand Valley.

Trevor making a tight turn.

Our new yard!

Welcoming party on site as we position the house beside the water and electric hook ups. (We’ll plug in until we have the money to get solar and wind technology, and rain collection)

Wooden panels nestled in with the trees. Hello pine, meet your relatives!

Perfect. Thanks to Trevor, our driver, my parents, the Goudy’s and all who supported us in this move.


To come: how we are actually living in 130 sq feet. The good, bad & ugly.


  1. Amber says:

    I am SO happy for you both! I have enjoyed watching you make your way to achiving your dream. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Grant Wagner says:

    Congratulations on this monumental step.

  3. Wayne says:

    Can you tell us if you have chosen to set up in a regular RV park now? A friends backyard or property? A mobile home park? Maybe your in a township that allows you to live in a trailer and have bought a piece of land? Just curious, as this is one of the main hurdles people worry about who want to live in a tiny house as you have chosen to do.

    • Excellent question. It is one of the big question. We are on a friends property in the country. I am actually not sure as to the specifics of this townships regulations. We just took them up on there invite.

      So, probably not the answer most people want to here because it is not rock solid. Hope it was helpful though.

  4. Hazel says:

    Good to see someone in Canada…and Ontario in particular…build a tiny home. I too am interested in the particulars: by-laws for living in a trailer, water hook-up, sewage/grey water disposal. Hopeful all this will be in your next post!

  5. Kathy Parker says:

    Although I have just found your site, I have been following Tumbleweeds for years. Congratulations on a job “well done”! lol Makes me wish I was young again! Enjoy, I know you will achieve your final dream. Blessings on your new home. K. Parker

  6. Thoracias says:

    I am so happy to run across this blog! I have been interested in the tiny homes for a few years but recently my single mom lost her home to foreclosure and we have seriously been considering building a Tumbleweed home for her on our land. I’m very interested in hearing how life has been since you have settled in.

  7. Tom says:

    Heya Collin and Joanna,

    Nice to meetcha. I live in London, Ont., and wondered whereabouts you are in the near-Stratford area. I got the link of your website from http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/resources/, and was pleased to see that there is a working, living example of one of Jay Shafer’s designs. If there’s a way to get in contact with you; it’d be cool to further investigate if a “tiny house” can suit the future I am looking toward.

    Be well!

    • Collin & Joanna says:

      Hi there Tom. Thanks for the comment. Feel free to comment any of your question. That way hopefully we can help out anyone browsing the comments. Thanks and take care. Collin.

  8. Ethan says:

    This is a great series of pictures! So the site that you found is all set up for an RV with hookups?

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