Preparing for Canadian Winter

Hey guys!

It’s been a few months of life in our house over the summer and now fall since we’ve spoken. Sorry about that, I’m sure we both missed each other…

Our place has been really lovely to live in. Constant upgrades of bits and bobs, but that’s any house, no matter the size.



Now that winter is in the back of every Canadian’s mind, Collin and I are now getting our place ready for the sobering, cold, long season of white.

Here’s Collin capturing one of our strategies (And yes, we do realize this still frame of him is sexy) :

Here’s strategy #2 (No pumpkins were hurt in the making of this film):



  1. Ethan says:

    Nice! I’m definitely very interested in what you end up doing with the pipes.. I live in Northern VT, so I’ll end up having to do something similar when I build my Fencl!

  2. Jon says:

    An insulated trailer skirt might help a little with winterizing the plumbing. A small electric heater with a thermostat could be placed under the trailer since it is on the bricks now.

  3. Ethan says:

    Hey C&J- Here’s a quick question for you. I’m having trouble finding this anywhere online: Where does your heater chimney vent to- the roof or out the wall? I haven’t been able to see the vent in any pictures on the tumbleweed site..

  4. Matt says:

    Hi Collin and Joanna,

    Thanks for allowing us all to follow the adventures of building and now living in your Tumbleweed Fencl.

    For myself it has inspired me to start building my own Fencl come spring.

    What I was wondering, being about 2 hours north of you in Ontario and now into our coldest days of the year, what has your experience been like with heating, plumbing and so on to date?

    Are you finding that the insulation used in the walls is adequate?

    Any advice ahead of my build would be great, specific to things I can do during the build to prepare for winter living in a Fencl in Ontario.

    Thanka again and look forward to some updates soon!


    • Collin says:

      Hi Matt.

      Thank you for your comment. It feels weird writing as we are now selling our house. We are having a baby which we are so happy about.
      This years winter has not been that harsh really but my advice would be insulate it as well as you can, with as much as you can, and seal it as well as you can. We used red siding tape on all of the joints where the 2x4s met the insulation. It has worked out well and can get nice and warm in there. I would consider some sort of dehumidifier right from the get go.
      Regarding water, we changed over from the tank to a direct line in. We covered all the internal and external lines with heating wire and insulation and that seams to have worked just fine.
      One with I would do for sure if/when I built another would be to get a nail gun. Seriously lol! Also, I was more particular with joints when framing because I new it would be going on the road. I wanted a nice solid frame.
      Hope that is helpful.
      Take care Matt,