Houston We Have A Problem

Sometimes, living tiny sucks.


  1. Coalsmoke says:

    Ouch, hope you guys get those floors dried out ok. Keep an eye on your heat tape every year, as it has been known to be a potential fire hazard if a mouse chews it, or the insulation cracks and condensation happens to get in the break in insulation. Keep the updates coming and hopefully winter will go smooth for you guys.

    • Collin & Joanna says:

      Thank you. Good to know as we haven’t used it before. We got the leak sorted out thankfully. All dried out now.

  2. Ethan says:

    How do you insulate the pipes outside of the house- like the hose that runs from your host’s house to the tiny house?

    • Collin & Joanna says:

      The outside pipes I am going to run pipe heating cable along and them wrap them in fiberglass pipe insulation. I may also have to put a waterproof sleeve around the fiberglass. Not sure abot that yet.

      • Coalsmoke says:

        You can get neoprene based pipe insulation (instead of the standard foam stuff) which tolerates the UV and weather found in exterior applications. The heat tape is a good idea, you can get a more robust product called heat trace from an electrical supply house if you have a long run to do.

  3. Beth Lanzi says:

    I have finished the exterior of my Fencl and am working to get the money together to finish the interior. I am 63 so I have decided to sleep on the ground floor rather than in the loft. I am interested in you bed idea. Do you think it would be practical to sleep on it every night? That is the spot I am thinking of-in the pop out so I am somewhat limited-all the sleeper chairs are 50+ inches so won’t fit. I am so excited about starting to work on the interior. I should have the funds together by April. You said there were some things you were sorting out. Do you have any advice for me about appliances or anything? Love your site. Beth

    • admin says:

      Hi Beth. Glad you like the site, thank you. I guess a pull out couch would work as long as you are ok with the setup and clean up each day. I say that because we found it took up a fare amount of floor space. Appliances… mmmm, we decided to go with a 3 burner stove and we were glad we did. We had a convection oven that we used now and again for baking but it was kind of unpractical space wise. Some sort of dehumidifier would be highly recommended during the colder seasons. Otherwise you will get wood swelling and mild. Not nice lol. We wanted to go further with solar and stuff but didn’t get there. We aren’t living in it at the moment due to some crazy circumstances last year, so any development is kind of on hold.
      Take care 🙂