Our house is now sold. Thank you to all for your enquires.

Good day one and all. We’d like to make two announcements: firstly, WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! ūüôā And secondly, we are selling our precious wee house to make room for a precious wee person. Alas, this particular tiny adventure finishes and another great one begins…

For Sale: 130sq ft Fencl, built 2011.

  • Fully furnished
  • with propane 3 burner stove
  • fireplace and on-demand water heater
  • Option of water direct in, or water tank and dc pump
  • Built-in UV & sediment water filters
  • Price: $29,900 (Canadian).


Are you firm on the price?
Since we lowered the price to a ridiculous deal of $29,900, yes. We put $26,000 into it, so concrete firm lol.

Would you consider financing it?
Unfortunately no as we are not in a position to assume the risk of private financing on a mobile asset. You would have to get your own financing and pay us by certified cheque.

Where are you?
We have the house located just outside of Stratford Ontario.

Where did you have it and where can you put it?
We had it on a friends property and didn’t enquire as to the townships regulations. We had no issues.¬†It changes from place to place so if you are conceded about it you would have to look into that for the location you want to put it.

How much propane did you use in the winter?
$50 max in a month/2 BBQ sized tanks.

When can I buy it? lol
Ok so this would be a FAQ otherwise this posting¬†wouldn’t be here.

Building questions & general Tiny House questions.
Thanks for being here and interacting. We have been running the blog for a few years and trying to do what we can to help others pursuing a similar experience to us. We hope you enjoy our site and that it is helpful to you but it was getting a bit much to keep up with the comments and questions so we decided to turn them off instead of ignoring you lol. Thought it was the polite thing to do.
You are welcome to message if you a interested in buy our house though. Again thank you ūüôā

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