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Our house is now sold. Thank you to all for your enquires. Good day one and all. We’d like to make two announcements: firstly, WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! 🙂 And secondly, we are selling our precious wee house to make room for a precious wee person. Alas, this particular tiny adventure finishes and another great […]

King of Comfort

Our couch is small. Who would have guessed? We like to watch movies on our couch. Again, who would have guessed? But, when we watch movies, we get uncomfortable after awhile because we’re used to putting our feet up on a coffee table or footrest. So, after much ado, Collin found an Ikea ottoman in […]

Our first sleep over guest!

My brother Michael visited us recently and was the first to sleep over in our house on the pull out couch! So fun to know that we can share our home, after all, what is a home without the ability to entertain?

Actually Living in 130 sq ft

So, we have moved to Southern Ontario, Canada with our Fencl Tumbleweed Tiny House a few weeks ago! Collin & I are settling in wonderfully. The property that we get to live on is 100% private, full of tall trees & gardens, and has water and electricity hook ups. Our friends are allowing us parking […]

We Moved!

The fateful day finally arrived- moving day! After a year of building, we were ready to move house (literally) and start a new life in our new home. Collin helping Trevor back the truck to the hitch. My brother also helping. Hooking it up and making it safe. My dad inspecting. Notice the silver tool […]