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The Pretty Stuff

We’re at a fun stage of the game now: the finishing touches of the wall & ceiling! We are using 3 inch pine tongue & groove panels. Collin is doing a lovely job with it now that we have finished the insulation & taping. (So much taping: 5 or so rolls of it!) The ceiling […]

Super Side Me!

Finished Finestras (Italian for Windows)

All our windows are in. I am so happy. No slowing down though. We have finished the siding on the back of the house which is a great encouragement as we go on to tackle the rest of the house. Joanna and Jerry have being doing a fantastic job with the staining the siding.

Rain on Our Parade

Yesterday was a challenging day; it was cold, it looked like rain, and we needed to paint our siding. In fact, the last three days have been on repeat. We don’t have a garage to work in, so outside is our work space. We, I mean I, underestimated how long staining would take. We’ve completed […]

Sliding into Siding

With windows ordered, and on the way, we thought it right to get started on the siding. With a swipe of the debit card, and one night’s sleep, we had our delivery of pine…. 🙂 We went with “pine needle” semi-transparent stain, and began coating and cutting the same day. With the chill in the […]