Conex Box For Sale: Here’s What You Can Do With It!

The Conex containers are an original American product designed in the ’50s for the purposes of the US army. Since then, the original format underwent some changes and now it has a completely new look.

Some of the Conex containers are being sold and used for many different purposes. Of course, the main one remains – transport and storing of goods. In this article, we’ll tell you a few ideas about what you can do with them, but first, let’s see where you can get some of them.

Where can you find Conex boxes?

There are probably some being sold in your city right now. The selling containers market is huge. There are over 20 million containers all around the world at the moment all being used for shipment. Imagine how many more are already converted into something new.

If you’re interested in buying one or more, simply google Conex box for sale near me and see what comes up. The search engine will pop up results that will be of your best interest. By the way, it’s always better to buy containers locally as transporting them cost a lot.

What can you use them for?

There’s a wide variety of examples all around the world of storage boxes being converted into something else. Of course, people still use them for storing and transport, but check out these solutions that people made:


A Conex box is 8.6 feet long and 6.3 feet wide with another 6.1 feet high. You’d agree that this is not a huge space, but people like to connect more of these boxes into one and make a home that can be made very modern and cool.

What’s best about it is that the material is very durable which makes it perfect for protection against weather, rodents, and other problems. The only thing that a person must work on to make a great living space is installing insulation on the walls for better temperature manipulation.


Especially if you need an office on the open, somewhere on a construction site or out in nature, these items can make a perfect office. How? Because they are compact and easy to maintain.

Installing a small air conditioner will do the job in battling the temperature inside. The room is small so it will be very easy to both heat it and cool it.

On the other hand, 50 feet are just enough for a small office. Considering it is pretty high too, you’ll have a room for all the documents and important working data. Another very important thing is safety. They are made of steel so you can be sure that no one will have an easy job of breaking inside and stealing something.

Coffee and fast food shops

What’s easier – building a movable house on the beach or dropping off a container that needs a paint job? The second one, of course.

A lot of people decide to use these things for their coffee shop places during the season of vacations. All you have to do is drop them off where you want to and then get them again and move to another place.

During the stay, they are easy to maintain and offer perfect surrounding for keeping the goods keeping away the sanitary inspectors because there’s nothing they’d find compromising.

Emergency hospitals

We know well how dangerous can nature be. Disasters are happening daily all around the world and many locations are being destroyed offering no option for help whatsoever.

These boxes can be transformed into little emergency hospitals providing the care people need at the moment and on the spot. They are easy to be transported fast and can be used for as long as it’s needed.

The battlefield is another place where such hospitals already find use. As the battlefield moves, the hospital can go with it. The army is equipped with all kinds of vehicles that have no problem in carrying them wherever it is needed.


The dimensions of Conex containers are perfect for a garage. If you don’t find the idea of building a garage next to your house you can use this option. If you don’t like it after a while, you can just take it away and continue like it was never there.

If you have a smaller vehicle there will also be room to store something else inside, like your tools, old unused items from your home that have no place to go, etc.

Shelter house

Along with the hospitals, they can also be used as shelters for people that need it. When there’s a flooding or huge fires, people can be evacuated from the location but instead of being all transported to a distant place or stay all together in a gymnasium gym, they can be placed inside these tiny houses that will provide both comfort and shelter until the disaster is gone.

They are great because they won’t be affected by any weather condition. The steel keeps the water from getting inside and being very heavy it will keep the wind from moving it too.


There are more ideas other than what we mentioned here. It’s all up to your imagination. The Conex box is great for many purposes and it’s only up to you about how you’re going to use it. In this article, we hope that some ideas sparkled your mind for thinking in the direction that opens up even more ideas. There’s even a form in architecture based on them, you can see it on this link.

Basically, with little money, you can do great stuff. You don’t have to own a bank to get a container, do a little paint over and use it as a brand new cubicle house for your needs. If you can afford more than your options are endless.

The ability to easily transport and transform them gives you the chance to do miracles with them. From enormous houses to tiny little laboratories.

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