Difference Between Wooden Flooring And Tile Flooring

Having a good flooring is essential as it not only improves the look of the house but even helps in getting acquainted with the changing climate. There are various kinds of flooring like wooden flooring, cement flooring, tiles flooring and many more. The noticeable thing here is that there are certain differences in each type of flooring and one needs to take care of it while getting the flooring done. Here, we are going to discuss wooden flooring and tiles flooring, which will further help you in choosing the best option for your home.

What are the differences between wooden flooring and floor tiles?

If you are confused about whether wooden flooring will suit your home decor or should you go for floor tiles, then this article will help you in choosing the best option.

Wooden Flooring:

Wooden flooring is of three types: laminate, handmade and bamboo and each of them has unique features. While bamboo and handmade are costly, laminated wooden flooring is affordable and is mostly preferred by people. If we talk about the looks of the wooden flooring, then wooden flooring gives off aesthetic look with lavish finishing which will further make your house look incredible. They are easy to install, though you would require professional help for keeping appropriate gaps between the planks. When it comes to maintenance, wooden flooring require high maintenance, as they can swell up when water is spilt over the planks. Also, wooden flooring is prone to scratches, and one should avoid dragging any furniture on the floor. Also, as the floor is made up of wood, there are high chances of termites damaging them, and you need to have a proper termite spray to protect your flooring.

Tile Flooring:

There are certain floor tiles available in the market which you can look for the flooring of your house. If you opt for tiles flooring, you get to have a variety of options to choose from. There are ceramic tiles, marble tiles, vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles, stone tiles, mosaic tiles and a variety of tiles, from which you can select the best tiles for your home. Most of the floor tiles are pretty easy to install, and you can do it on your own, such as porcelain and ceramic tiles. While there is a fixed rate for wooden flooring, if you go for floor tiles, you can save money as each type of tiles has different price and there are even a variety of options to choose from even if you select a low-cost tile for your home flooring. In addition to that, floor tiles do not require high maintenance as compared to wooden flooring, as they do not swell up with water contact or get scratched up due to the moving of furniture. Though one needs to take care of the floor tiles too, and there should be a certain amount of gap between the tiles, else the tiles will break.

While wooden flooring gives you the feeling of an aesthetic atmosphere, floor tiles improve the looks of your house and even have a long life span. By choosing floor tiles, you get to have lots of choices, and you can even experiment with the flooring. Floor tiles are easy to maintain, durable and they last for a long amount of time.

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