Different types of Curtains for Home

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Curtain is the most important element of interior designing, which adds perfection in background decorations. There are many types of curtains which make your home attractive and look astonishing. When people go to buy curtains, they must keep in mind which type is complementary to their decorations. The piece of cloth is basically used to block out the light passage and the secondary reason is again decoration. Curtains are available in different varieties of stuff, color, size, shapes and patterns for doors and windows. They help people to insulate their homes with high degree of light control. Curtains vary in clean ability, ultraviolet light bearing capacity, dust retention, noise absorption, fire resistance and lifespan. Some of the types of efficient curtains for homes are explained here.

  1. Types according to Styles
  2. Panel Pair

This is the most popular classic style of curtains. Two separate panels of curtains are pulled together to close them. They can be tied back to make them symmetrical as a window treatment.

  • Single Panel

A single panel curtain is pulled to either side or can be tied back to open and close respectively. This is the modern and casual style of curtains.

  • Window treatment Set

This is a complete set of window treatment with rod and tiebacks. It may include one or two curtains to compliment the home.

  • Valance

Valance includes a floor length curtain with a short curtain hung on it, which adds a style in background decorations. They can be used with blinds as well.

  • Window Scarf

It is a long thin piece of fabric, which can be hung on the top of a window to give a dramatic look to the space. It is similar to that of valence curtains.

  • Liner

Curtain liners are used as the additional option for the perfection of curtains. They are mostly used with sheer curtains. It gives a high degree of privacy and light control. They can be thermal or noise blocking as well.

  • Types according to Material
  • Cotton

Material is the most important factor when selecting curtains. Curtains are the semi-sheer, which provides privacy but do not stop light. They can be used with layers of other fabrics for light blocking purposes. They are a viable choice for every room.  They are available in different styles and patterns with easy methods of cleaning them.

  • Linen

They are slightly thicker than cotton curtains with a casual look. They provide a high degree of privacy with a good level of light control. It is more difficult to clean than cotton because it can easily trap dust particles in a dusty environment and act as a dust magnet.

  • Velvet

This is the most popular formal material for curtains. It gives the most privacy, light and noise control. It is an excellent choice for the light-sensitive sleepers. It is mostly cleaned professionally but can be cleaned at home. It is difficult to maintain velvet curtains unprofessionally.

  • Silk

Silk is the most beautiful, attractive and luxurious option for Curtains. It is a semi-sheer of classic style. It has a drawback that it does not control light entry from windows. Silk is difficult to clean at home and needs professional help to be maintained. People usually use them in parts of home which do not need control upon light and maintenance as well.

  • Lace

If you are wandering for bright, airy and light window treatment then, you need to check out lace curtains. It would be the smarter choice for kitchens, living rooms or other parts of the home which needs light entry to let themselves stay bright. They can also be used in combination with thicker curtains for a high degree of privacy.

  • Burlap

This material has a similar look and texture to linen but it is much heavier than other materials. This plain material provides a great deal of privacy with excellent control of light entrance via windows. Burlap curtains are good for casual use and are easily cleanable at home.

  • Synthetic

This is the most popular choice for curtains for being durable and cheaper. It can act like all above fabrics types with minimum price and it is an easy to clean option. It gives an extraordinarily attractive look to the room or home.

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