Digital Age and Advancements in US Construction Services Industry

Digital age, indeed, has proved itself a blessing in many ways. From arts to science, this marvel of 21st century, has benefitted every field of work and continues to do the same with much more zeal and passion. In this age, when time has become the most precious asset, digitization has come forward to help humankind making best possible use of it; now just within fractions of a second we are communicating from one corner of the world to the other only because of living in the digital age. Literally, gone are the days when almost every activity was tied to long hours of manual exertion. Digital age has brought so much in our control just at the click of a button.

Having said this a glance at service industry particularly Construction Industry is sure to bewilder eyes. The way it has brought a 360 degree shift to this complex industry is simply amazing. That time, when there must be a man behind the machine to properly function or likewise concept used to prevail, has gone now. Though the need for skilled to unskilled labor in this labor-intensive industry still exists but with new norms and practices.

Where digital age has proven helpful for sectors like agriculture, manufacturing textiles etc., it’s the construction services industry that has reaped the most fruit.  Regardless of reluctance at the part of labor contractors and labor unions to welcome this change, building firms have eventually started realizing that to cut unnecessary costs while increasing the revenue stream and work efficiency, digital transformation cannot be avoided any further. 

Nan Inc Oahu, a locally owned construction company from the US, finds below three as incredible yet least explored advancements in US Construction Services Industry powered by the Digital Age.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of its own kind wonder of Digital Age that has transformed construction industry altogether. Rejuvenating the construction industry, it digitally represents not just a 3D but even 4D view of buildings. While making use of both past data and future trends, it helps improving a lot on construction plans and projects. BIM gives outstanding results with greater efficiency when used in combination with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Both VR and AR, though currently unknown to most construction contractors, are meant to improve project execution by training site staff and to prevent hazardous threats/ outbreaks respectively –how amazingly Digital Age is helping construction firms take charge of operations while being physically absent. Making use of Analytics while providing construction management services, companies like Nan Inc Oahu have hugely benefitted from the Digital Age. Not only analytics help analyzing factors like material cost, project duration and risk factors before undergoing construction work but also provide an opportunity to figure out potential obstacles during project execution phase to search solutions beforehand.

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