Five tips to maximize your kitchen renovation

If you are planning to embark on a huge kitchen renovation after you noticed that you neglected this part of your home for years already, this should be exciting instead of being a nerve-wracking project.

According to interior designers and kitchen design experts, there is no need for your renovation to be very expensive to make it a successful project because there are tons of ways you can maximize your budget and the materials and appliances that you will be using in order for you to achieve that design and look of your kitchen that you badly want.

To help you out, here are some useful tips that will surely help your kitchen renovation a whole lot easier and more convenient according to the best kitchen manufacturing company in Brunswick, Australia.

  1. Illustrate or build a scale model to picture out your project– If you are planning to add more counter and storage space, then you have to add a center island which is totally worth the cost, however, an island can only limit the number of people that can work in your kitchen, so you have to reduce the traffic flow to a one-way pass and also make way for the cramped quarters by illustrating or building a scale model of your kitchen plan.
  2. Set up your temporary kitchen– Since you are renovating your main kitchen, you should set up a temporary one either at your backyard or at your storage outside your house where you can build your makeshift kitchen for the meantime knowing that your main kitchen is still out of commission. You can save old cabinets and countertops which are spared from the renovation which you can use at your temporary makeshift kitchen. There is no need for you to have a fancy temporary kitchen because this will only cost you a lot. As long as it is clean, covered from the sun and rain, you are very good to go.
  3. Add a kitchen office in the renovation– A lot of homeowners are now having the idea to add an office at their kitchen which is in fact very useful so why not try to incorporate it to your kitchen renovation. Although it is not entirely necessary, having a small office in your kitchen does not require a lot of space. All you need is a table for your computer and phone and a comfortable seat so that you can multi-task effectively while you are running some errands and cooking at the same time.
  4. Try installing filler strips and panels– If you are planning to add new cabinets to your kitchen and keep your current fridge, you should leave enough space between them so that if you are planning to replace your old fridge with a bigger one soon, you can fit it easily by installing filler strips or panels that will fill up the space that are not used.
  5. Double check for floor gaps– If you do not want to touch the current flooring of your kitchen, you may notice some gaps between the new cabinets that are installed and the flooring. Make sure that there are no large gaps in between the flooring and the cabinets based on the advice of Kitchen Manufacturers.
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