Hassle-free international removal service in Sydney

Moving to a foreign country can be a daunting task, especially with respect to relocating your household and personal belongings to another country. To this end, the services of professional removalists experienced in international movements become necessary. Nuss is one such international removalist in Sydney, which offers comprehensive removal service for relocating to any country in the world.

The following reasons attest to why we recommend Nuss for your international removal.

Pre-Move Survey

The company makes a comprehensive survey of the goods to be relocated. The volume of the goods to be moved is determined. The types of goods are also noted to decide the type of packaging required for their safe transportation. Delicate items are specially earmarked for special packaging using the right packing materials. The price of relocation is also quoted based on the survey. Thus, the pre-move survey enables a clear determination of the types and amount of goods to be moved and also gives a clear idea to the customer about the costs.

International network

Nuss has partnerships with moving companies all over the world. The company is a member of the Moving Industries Association. Thus, the customers get the best service irrespective of the countries they may be relocating. The wide international network is highly beneficial for the customers.

Move Coordinator

There are many rules and regulations regarding customs and logistics when it comes to moving goods beyond international borders. These can be very complex to understand by a layman. To this end, Nuss appoints a move coordinator for the customer who explains all the customs regulations and requirements to the customer and arranges for the necessary approvals and other documents to pass the goods through the custom checks safely. The move coordinator ensures that the customer does not get entangled in legal problems in a foreign country.

Pet and Car Transport

Pets and Cars are also transported efficiently to overseas locations by the company. The company works with reputed car and pet transporters to ship cars and pets of the customers. Thus, there is no need for the customers to look for a separate removal service to relocate their cars or pets.

Associated Services

Overseas relocation service offered by Nuss is not limited to the shipment of goods to foreign locations only. The company has local agents on the ground to help the customer’s in house hunting and negotiating rentals with landlords. Furthermore, complete advice regarding local amenities such as schools, medical clinics, and hospitals, markets, etc. is also provided to the customer. This is called a local orientation. Help is also provided for renting or purchasing furniture or appliances.

Fixed time limit

The entire operation of international relocation is completed within the time limit specified by the company. The dates of removal of goods and their arrival in the final location are fixed in consultation with the customers. The process has been fine-tuned to ensure that there are no delays, and the customer gets the delivery of the goods on the correct date.


The goods are covered under insurance to compensate in case of damage or loss. Nuss has qualified insurance experts to explain the different types of insurance policies available to the customers as per the nature of their goods and their requirements. The proper cover is ensured as per the individual preferences of the customers.

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