Home simplified: Selecting the right installation service for modular kitchens

Planning a kitchen upgrade can be confusing and intimidating. You may have a few ideas to consider, but it is also necessary to work around a budget. Selecting the right installation company for your modular kitchen can make or break your project. You will find many companies sending their interior designer to do an evaluation of your kitchen, before offering a design catalogue. So, how do you select an installation service? We have a guide below for your help!

Check if they offer free design consultation

Knowing the needs of your home is necessary, and therefore, design consultation is often considered to be the first step in planning a modular kitchen. Find an installer that’s open to discussions. They will do all the necessary detailing required to get the project started. From taking measurements, to evaluating the layout and finding ready designs, they let clients relax while their experts get the work done.

Check their work profile

The work profile of modular kitchen installer is obviously among the foremost things you must check for selecting a service. Check the range of modular kitchens they have designed so far, what sets them apart, and ask for real photos and not some images edited out of the internet. If a company claims to be in business for the longest time, they will not shy away from showing their work and will offer client references on request.

Check for budgets

Many modular kitchen installers only work for big clients. They may not be interested in smaller budgets, so ask in advance. For standard modular kitchens, you can expect to pay around one lac rupees or more, but it is always possible to work around the price. If you have a small home or don’t have a big amount to spare, do mention that to the installation service.

Check the payment schedule

If you agree to the final price or estimate, the next step is to discuss the payment schedule. All companies will ask for an advance, which is usually between 40 and 50%, depending on the quote. The rest of it is payable in installments. Nevertheless, always ask for details before you sign the contract.

Check for what they offer beyond modular kitchens

When a company can do more than just modular kitchens, it is always an added advantage. For example, many installers can also offer modular wardrobes and closet rooms. You can expect to get more expertise and variety in their designs.

Final word

Don’t shy away from reviewing the experience of a modular kitchen installer and asking the right question. This is an investment for your home and you deserve the best service you can find. Check for the top-rated names now!

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