How To Enjoy A Garden Space During The Coldest Months

For property owners, gardens tend to be a desirable asset. So much so, in fact, that homes with outdoor spaces are generally much more valuable than those without. However, despite the additional cost that gardens demand, they are associated with ongoing maintenance and the potential reality that, during cold and wet weather. For those in the UK, this means that the extra investment they make on a property is only going to be potentially enjoyed during a small portion of the year’s calendar.

However, there are a number of ways that a garden can be enjoyed even during winter. Additionally, there are also garden designs that can prevent the effects of cold, wet, and generally harsh weather upon an outdoor space, limiting the amount of maintenance that needs to be performed annually.

So, if you have a garden space and would like to find ways to enjoy it during the colder months, or would simply be interested to learn how ongoing maintenance, such as the deterrence of weeds, can effortlessly be incorporated into a home’s design, then we have the tips for you.

Design For Deterrence

When piecing together your garden space, all weather conditions should be considered. Borders, for example, should not only be decorative but also conducive to reducing the impact of wind. Hedges, fences, and even trees, for this reason, are an excellent asset to a garden space.

Covered areas can also be established, which may not be enough to encourage outdoor dining but still create an assuredly dry area that can be used by residents during the wetter weeks, such as for drying clothes outdoors.

Private Outbuilding

Sheds are far from the only structures that can be useful to a garden space. Many residents are choosing to install summer houses and log cabins with the intention of creating a space, perhaps for working or entertainment purposes, that offers a sheltered, warm, and beautiful environment within which to enjoy their garden even during the winter months.

Contained Growth

For those with green thumbs, whose garden space is for vegetables, fruits, and herbs, such utility can be difficult during winter due to the harsh conditions and likelihood of weeds. Stepping outdoors to keep on top of crops becomes more difficult. However, with a considered design, plants can be contained in raised beds, pots, and even greenhouses, reducing the need for produce to be attended to.

Having control over the soil not only limits the amount of weeding that needs to be done but also prevents heavy rainfall from causing too much trouble or even flooding.

Keeping Warm

Dining or simply relaxing outdoors is a wonderful way to pass the time but one that seldom happens during the cold weather. There are, however, a number of ways to create a cosy and warm outdoor environment within which to relax.

Heating lamps are easy to install and increasingly more affordable, making them an ideal asset for those with decking areas and dedicated spaces to sit. Others, however, may find comfort in a nature-inspired shelter, one that is filled with luxurious wool blankets and cosy seating.

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