Important safety tips to avoid fire hazards related to dryers

Every year, numerous cases emerge across America that are related to fire hazard caused due to dryers. This happens due to improper maintenance done by the owners or when they try to repair their machines on their own. This is why, it is important to make sure that you only call professional services for dryer repair Los Angeles.

Dryers have heating coils and vents that can easily catch fire if not kept and cleaned properly. You will need to follow a few safety tips in order to avoid such issues. The following are a few tips that you may find helpful.

  • Professional help

If you aren’t an expert on dryer installations, it is better to let the professionals do their jobs. Most of the accidents related to dryers are caused due to improper installation and that is enough to scare you away. Professionals will make sure that all the wiring is properly attached and there are no leakage in the dryer. They will also help you to clean the dryer properly and will also make you understand the dos and don’ts related to using the dryer.

  • Keep the surrounding area clean from flammable material

This is the most important part of the safety measures. As dryers emit heat, it is important to keep the surrounding area away from inflammable objects as they can catch fire. Not only the surrounding area but also the insides needs to be cleaned properly as lint accumulation inside the dryer can also cause fire breakouts.

  • Make sure that the air vents and exhausts are free from blockage

If there is a blockage in the air vents or the exhausts that are present in the dryer, the machine may get overload after prolonged usage. This can heat the dryer up to maximum limit and fire may break out. In order to avoid it, make sure that you regularly clear the vent after using the dryer.    

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