Network Marketing – What Exactly Are Filler Advertising Packs?

I’m frequently requested “What exactly are filler ad packs?” by other Network Marketing Consultants. Filler Ad Packs can also be known as Filler Advertising Packs but with regard to this short article we’ll make use of the common usage term of Filler Ad Packs.

Direct Sellers began creating Filler Ad Packs a couple of years back as a way to promote their Network Marketing Companies.

Allow me to explain what they’re after which provide you with a couple of tips on you skill to create your personal creative filler packs.

Filler Ad packs are little zipper close bags calculating roughly 3 inches by 5 inches in dimensions. Many people use non-zipper close bags however you may need a ribbon, staple, or any other item to shut your bag. When you constitute a number of your little Filler Ad Packs, you will need to find other Network Marketing consultants to swap Filler Ad Packs with. That consultant will hands your Filler Ad Packs at her home parties with her customer orders and you’ll perform the same goes with your clients.

It is a win-win situation for consultants involved because it is having your business information available to new people you will possibly not of arrived at by yourself.

Enclosed within the little bags really are a couple of items like:


Discount Coupon

Sample of the Product (or) just a little marketing giveaway item

It does not matter which kind of Network Marketing Company you’re with, there’s always some form of item which you can use to produce your personal Filler Ad Pack.

Here are a few ideas to help you get began.

Network Marketing: Candle Companies

tealight candle lights, match books, small scratch and sniff cards with candle scents, pens, pencils, magnets, candle burning tip sheet, small candle snuffers, small note pads or perhaps little birthday cake candle lights.

Kitchen and Gourmet Food Companies

recipe cards, spice sample packs, cook book bookmarks, corn cob holders, small pill boxes, cocktail drink umbrellas, refrigerator magnets, grocery list pads, small note pads, chore lists, kitchen cleaning tip list, pens, pencils, kitchen scoops, small nick bag clips, printed food gift container labels, spice jar labels, small plant garden seed packs, a cup tea bags, single packets of instant coffee, coffee pods, bottle openers and jar grippers.

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