Actually Living in 130 sq ft

So, we have moved to Southern Ontario, Canada with our Fencl Tumbleweed Tiny House a few weeks ago!

Collin & I are settling in wonderfully. The property that we get to live on is 100% private, full of tall trees & gardens, and has water and electricity hook ups. Our friends are allowing us parking for our car, as well as usage of their laundry facilities and storage. We are really blessed.

Let’s get to the good stuff: How are we REALLY living tiny?

Well, first of all, we had to downsize. A lot. We’ve only been married three years (two of those we had an apartment with plenty of belongings), but per usual, we did collect stuff. So, we had to get rid of tons, but still kept things that were important to us (e.i. music gear, art supplies, kitchen bits and bobs, and framed art work). Like I said earlier, we do have storage.

The first few days were overwhelming. We had boxes everywhere, like any other family who just moved house, but in a space this small, everything feels 100 times messier! So, once we got ourselves sorted with storage, kitchen organized, bathroom cupboard arranged and clothes hung, bed made, and furniture unburied, we could breathe.

How do you drain your sink, shower & toilet water?

We use biodegradable dish soap & shampoo, so our water can just be drained on site. For now, we are using an eave trough to drain both the shower and sink pipes just beyond the house. It is only grey water, as they say, so it will not harm the grass or soil. As for black water (toilet water) we have built a loveable loo (google it!). This is a bucket and saw dust method that does not require any plumbing. You cover what you add to it using the saw dust and it eliminates the odors, while helping it break down into compost. Seeing as we do not own the land, we cannot compost in the full manner, but instead take the full bucket into town to the water plant. There we can dispose of it for free!

How can you cook?

We have a three burner stove (propane fed), a bar fridge (with freezer) and a convection oven. I am an avid baker, so to go without an oven would feel too much like camping/roughing it, and this is our home. There is a spacious cupboard for storage, and quite a few shelves for jars of food, dishes, etc. The trick is to keep cleaning as you go!

Can you have people over? And what if you have a family?

Yes. We have a couch, and two Ikea sofa chairs. Also, we live on 2 acres of beautiful land and have outdoor bbq’s, campfires, and hang outs outside. As for sleeping over, our couch converts to a bed that can sleep two. Our storage loft about the couch can also sleep one (once we add a railing). In all: 5 can sleep over. When it comes time to have children, we figure a baby would fit in no prob. We aren’t the type of people who buy frivolously for ourselves, and will be selective as to what we’d add to our home in terms of baby items.

If you have other questions, be sure to ask them! This website is to be of help to others interested in trying alternative housing options.

To help give you a sense of it all, here’s a video tour:

Sorry, but it’s a mirror image taken off the webcam. So, imagine it flipped!

We Moved!

The fateful day finally arrived- moving day! After a year of building, we were ready to move house (literally) and start a new life in our new home.

Collin helping Trevor back the truck to the hitch.

My brother also helping.

Hooking it up and making it safe.

My dad inspecting. Notice the silver tool shed on the truck; it’s for better wind resistance/gas mileage.

Trevor, the professional driver, explaining the process.

Baby Steps out of the yard. First few feet and looking stable.

Eying out the action plan for the steep driveway.

Street view. The truck looks bigger than my house!

Got it down the driveway perfectly. Now checking out the break lights.

Showing off our baby on the road before the long drive.

Getting ready to follow from behind.

On the road! A little nerve wracking, but it rode smoothly.


Collin, Katelyn and I as we pulled over to move our ladder inside to be more secure.

Driving through Listowel, I believe.

Approaching Grand Valley.

Trevor making a tight turn.

Our new yard!

Welcoming party on site as we position the house beside the water and electric hook ups. (We’ll plug in until we have the money to get solar and wind technology, and rain collection)

Wooden panels nestled in with the trees. Hello pine, meet your relatives!

Perfect. Thanks to Trevor, our driver, my parents, the Goudy’s and all who supported us in this move.


To come: how we are actually living in 130 sq feet. The good, bad & ugly.

House Warming / Leaving Party!

What a success! We had about 50 folk through our place on Saturday. The sun shone, the campfire crackled, and the house beamed. With homemade bread and iced tea in hand, people had a wee tour of our home.


Once we return from our trip to Glasgow, we are packing up to move! We will keep you posted on how we actually do it!


Plumbing & Painting


With much excitement we are happy to say that our House Warming Party is a mere two days away, and that means only two days left to make our house look like a home.

Collin has been seeing to the detailed task of plumbing, while I’ve been seeing to the varnishing of every square inch of pine (which includes our ceiling, walls, shelves, storage loft & sleeping loft). You’d think that in a house this size, every aspect of a build would go fast, but no. The core of every house has the same elements: electrical systems, plumbing, water filters, water heaters, heat source, roofing, foundation, etc.

Let’s just say that we’re learning LOADS! Respect goes out to all builders & contractors of the world.

Me staining the porch post.

Up to dry.

Collin in the plumber stance.

Rainy, cozy view out living room window.

Couch almost done (cushion getting sewn)!

Can you spot the best building tool?

Varnishing our closet.

Video of our rainy day inside our house. Felt so cozy hearing the rain hit our tin roof. Reminded me of Nora Jones‘ song “Come Away with Me” when she sings “I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof”.

3 Weeks & Counting!

In three weeks we hope to finally be living in our home! Our friend will tow it to the Stratford area and away we’ll go! Here’s the lastest:

Video of Collin altering the pull out couch!

Collin picking out our chairs for the living room in IKEA

Collin ripping apart the pull out couch for the bay window area

View from porch

Fireplace & couch nook

Bathroom cabinet up on the (varnished) wall!

Slant to see white washed kitchen wall, cabinet & completed lovable loo!

White washed walls & backsplash

Corner detail

Fridge all sluggled in

Cupboard doors

View from kitchen into living room

Baywindow all framed:)

Font door & lamp

If you are our local friends, you are welcome to our House Warming/Leaving Party at the end of the month. See Facebook for deets!