April Showers Bring May Movers

Hi Friends! Hope this finds you well. Collin & I have had a lot going on in the last month: a trip to Kansas City, several trips to Stratford, lots of interior wood work on the house & a decision to move! Once our house is complete, which we aim to by the end of this month, we plan on towing our wee house to Stratford, Ontario. We are excited! Finally getting to the end of our (almost) year project.

Below is a video that lets you see what we’ve been up to inside. Sorry in advance for the loud background music which probably adds to the chaotic fast paced movie… Enjoy!


Video View

First Night out!

This month has been full of excitement! Not only did we have a friend from Ireland come visit us, but we also had our first night out in the house! (Having a due date to get things done really helps you work harder.) So, our friend stayed in our room (in the bigger house) while we had our test run in our new room (in the smaller house). Honestly, it felt a little like camping with the extra going outside step to get to bed, but it was warm enough!

Donation Station

Friends & Followers,

We thank you so much for paying an interest in our building adventure! Can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement far and wide.

We now take this opportunity to ask for any donations as our funds are starting to dwindle. Hopefully, this project will be completed by the beginning of May. That leaves us two and a half months to come up with about $5,000 – $7,000.

Thank you, sincerely, for your support. We are humbled and inspired by the many people who have helped us in our dream of living simple, small, and off-grid.

Collin & Joanna Gibson.

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Jay’s Fencl in New Hampshire

Ran across a blog with these photos of Jay Shafer’s Fencl parked in New Hampshire, USA. You can rent it per night for $250. Steep price, but where else could you stay in something like this?