The Great Choices for the best Maid

Reconciling work with household chores is not always an easy task. If you suffer from this dilemma, a good solution would be to hire maid to assist you. If you are considering hiring, be aware that there are some important points to keep in mind when hiring the maid.

Therefore, in this article we will cover some of the situations that you must observe in order not to make any mistakes when hiring. Check out the toronto maid service for the best result now.

Number of days worked

To be considered a domestic employee, Complementary Law 150, of June 1, 2015, provides that workers must provide their services in a residential environment for more than two days a week. If not more than 2 days a week will not be considered domestic servant, but a day laborer. The consequence of this difference is that, only in the first case, there is the requirement of annotation in CTPS and the observance of all labor rights provided for this category.

Salary Floor

The salary floor refers to the minimum amount that must be paid to the worker, according to his professional category. Generally these values ​​are established through collective bargaining.

Some states already have the salary floor for the domestic, and must be observed by the employer. If not, the minimum wage defined by the Federal Government should be used as a parameter.

Because of this, it is very important that the employer researches first so as not to compensate the employee in an inferior way, which may cause him / her in future financial inconvenience and loss.

Experience Contract

In housework relationships, experience contracts have a maximum term of 90 days. They may be extended only once, provided, of course, that the period of the two periods does not exceed 90 days. For example, a 45-day contract may initially be made and then extended for a further 45 days.

CTPS Annotation

Once hired, including during the probationary period, the employee must provide his or her work card for the employer to make the necessary notes.

The deadline for annotations is 48 hours, and the retention of CTPS for a period longer than the above is a criminal offense and also provides for the payment of a fine by the employer.

Salary Discounts

The supplementary law governing the domestic work contract prohibits the employer from making discounts on the provision of clothing, food, hygiene or housing. It is also not possible to discount transportation, food and lodging when the employee is traveling. The only possible discounts are those that the law itself predicts.

It is also possible to discount the amounts related to the inclusion of the worker in health plans (medical, hospital and dental), insurance and private pension, provided that there is written agreement between the parties and that such amounts do not exceed the amount of 20% of the salary.


There are very important rules, such as those mentioned above, that must be observed when hiring a domestic worker, and non-compliance can lead to serious penalties for employers. Therefore, when hiring your maid, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, look for professionals who understand the subject so that you do the hiring correctly.

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