Things To Know About Office Floor Mats

When we think of an office, we can also think that there are already many materials that can make the office have a much more attractive decoration and a warm atmosphere. Currently, there are many materials to choose from within the characteristics of an “office mat” that will endure.

The first thing that must be taken into account when choosing a carpet will be the level of traffic that the office is going to have; that is, if many people are going to walk over the carpet, roll chairs over it if it is going to have the possibility of splashing (a vending area or kitchen area) and in case of damage if it is going to have an easy replacement. Depending on that we will have to choose the material of the carpet.

If you want to buy office entrance mat, make sure the building or office rules and regulations aren’t against it. Some floor mats can be used for commercial use, and there are ones for residential use.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Office Floor Mat

We will highlight the symbols that you have to look at on a floor mat to show they can be used in the office or for official purposes

Here are examples of the icons that appear on the carpets. In this case, only those should be fixed.

  • Residential use: from lightest to most intense. They can be put in the office, but as we have said, only if it is not going to have a lot of traffic and you want to put more decorative to be seen.
  • Commercial use: from lightest to highest traffic
  • Flame retardant levels, regulated by the EU
  • Floor coverings must meet specific safety requirements, and one of them is slip resistance.
  • Thermal resistance can be used in combination with underfloor heating systems.
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