Benefits of Vinyl Tile Flooring At Home

Homeowners are generally faced with the challenge of choosing a floor type.  While all floor types have their distinct advantages, vinyl tile seems to stand out. The cheap and attractive nature of it makes it the number one type of flooring most homeowners choose. Here we compiled a few benefits you will get from using vinyl tile flooring in your home.


Vinyl tile stands out as one of the most resilient types of flooring when it comes to staining and waning. It is ideal for installation in high traffic areas.  Vinyl tile mostly has warranties of up to 15 years or longer, and some even offer lifetime guarantees. Properly installed vinyl tiles can last up to 20 years at least.

Cut Down on Maintenance

The durability of vinyl tile makes it need less maintenance. It barely needs waxing or scrubbing, with regular sweeping and damp mopping, your floor will be as good as new.


Vinyl tiles make for good investment because they are durable and less expensive than most flooring types. Those on a budget will find 2×2 mm vinyl tile flooring price (ราคา กระเบื้อง ยาง หนา 2 , which is the term in Thai) inviting.


Vinyl tiles come in different appealing designs, patterns, and colors. Some are designed to have a similar look as ceramic tile or wood floors. Luxury vinyl tile is designed with a stone or wood surface texture option. When they are correctly installed, it may be hard to differentiate between luxury vinyl tile and natural products.


Vinyl tile floors are more comfortable than ceramic tiles or wood flooring. It is designed with underneath layers to give a soft and flexible feel on the feet. Luxury vinyl tile is made with an extra layer to prevent it from scratching, making it more comfortable.

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