Caring for Your Cupboard Doors: How to Extend the Life of Your New Kitchen

Maintaining and caring for your kitchen cupboard doors will not only extend the useful life of your cupboards but also bring a new life to your kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard doors are prone to dirt and grime. As such, it is essential that you regularly clean them and keep them in good condition. Since cupboard doors are not the same, however, you must know how to care for each type. We have compiled several quick and easy to follow tips that you could use when caring for the cupboard doors.

  • Painted Cupboard Doors

These Roman Classic painted cupboard doors are the most popular cupboard doors because they are ideal for different kitchen styles. When cleaning these doors, use a damp cloth to remove the dirt marks, stain and fingerprints caused by daily use. Finish by using a dry cloth to remove the moisture left by the damp cloth since it can affect the paint appearance over time. When cleaning the doors, avoid any tough scrubbing because it will rip off the paint and give your doors a patchy look.

  • High Gloss Cupboard Doors

High gloss cupboard doors are best known for bringing a distinct shine to the kitchen. These doors, however, are more susceptible to scratches and marks as compared to other designs owing to their glossy finish. The best way to care for these doors is by using 5% liquid soap and 95% water solution with a soft cloth to wipe with. Use a dry cloth to clean away the moisture to ensure you get a clean finish. Be cautious not to use abrasive or bleaching solutions when cleaning the doors because they will spoil the gloss finish.

  • Vinyl Wrapped Cupboard Doors

These cupboard doors come wrapped with Vinyl material to withstand the daily spills and moisture build ups that are common in any kitchen. Cleaning these cupboard doors requires you to use a damp wet cloth to wipe off any dirt and stains. Afterwards, use a dry soft cloth to remove the resultant moisture to give your vinyl doors a perfect shine. Don’t use any abrasive or chlorine-based solution or scrub harshly because it will spoil the vinyl finish.

  • Wooden Cupboard Doors

Wooden cupboard doors from solid wood will give your kitchen a good traditional touch, even though they are difficult to maintain. Like the high gloss doors, this type of doors requires you to use 5% liquid soap to 95% water solution and a damp cloth for wiping off dirt, grime and fingerprints. Be sure to follow the grain of the wood while wiping spills to avoid permanent damage to the wood. Moreover, avoid using bleaching or alcohol products because they will ruin the finish.

By using these quick and easy cleaning tips for your cupboard doors, you can be sure that your kitchen cupboards will serve you for a long time. If you have any questions about caring for your kitchen cupboard doors, feel free to reach out.

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