Furniture Choices for the Living Rooms now

Without a doubt, the living room is one of the most loved rooms in the house. It is the place where family and friends meet for relaxed discussions and to spend time together. In most homes, the living room is on the ground floor and in most cases, it is the first room that our guests see. Therefore, it is important to print your personality and at the same time pay attention to the style and furniture you choose for this space. With meuble jaymar you can expect the best results now.

Your Fine Choices

Choosing a type of furniture that will create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, but which will keep its appearance after daily use, is the key in designing this space that will satisfy your needs every day.

Combining all the elements that will make up your perfect living room can seem difficult. Today, we will give you some tips that will help you in choosing the right pieces of furniture . A good plan will take you closer to the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere you want in your living room.

Make measurements

Use a roulette wheel to make sure you have the right measurements of the room. Don’t forget to consider the dimensions of the hulls or the recessed spaces of the room.

Make a floor plan

You can use millimeter paper, or you can simply make a sketch on an agenda or a sheet of paper. Imagine different ways in which you could position the furniture objects in the room and draw them on paper, dividing it into four equal rectangles.

Don’t forget to leave enough space between the pieces of furniture. If you have massive objects, 1 meter could be enough to allow you to move around the room indefinitely.

Check the door dimensions

It measures the width of the doors from the entrance to the apartment to prevent important problems. Certainly, you will not want to be put in a situation where it will be impossible for you to put a piece of furniture in the house because it does not fit on the door.

Plan the position of objects in the room

Once you have established the position of each piece of furniture, you can visually mark the location of each one in the living room. We advise you to use a scotch strip of paper or a few pages of newspaper for a good location in space.

Think about the functionality of the camera

If your living room will be the special meeting place for the family, you will need furniture resistant to wear and stains, especially if you have small children. On the other hand, if your living room is a space for casual meetings with friends, you can opt for pieces in simpler lines, complete with delicate textile materials.

Consider the architecture of the room

Some rooms have different design elements incorporated into the walls that can contribute to the aesthetics of the space when you think about the positioning of the pieces of furniture in the living room. This way, if you own a rustic-looking fireplace, a traditional d├ęcor can be a better choice than a modern furniture. Modern furniture can be a good choice for the living room of a city-view apartment.

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