Replacing an Existing Window In 6 Steps

Installing replacement windows is an expensive project, but it can definitely add some value to your home. Besides, like many homeowners, you can always consider the idea of doing it yourself.

However, keep in mind the process of installing replacement windows is not very easy. So, if you think you can’t handle it, it will be best if you hire a professional company for Replacement Windows in Mount Washington. Although, if you are pretty good at DIY home projects, here we have listed simple steps to make your task easier.

Installing a replacement window

Step 1: Buy the right type of window

Usually, what you get on shelves is not what you need. They are basically new construction windows, and what you require is a replacement window which will fit in the existing frame. Also, don’t forget to take the accurate measurements.

Step 2: Removing the old window

Be very careful while removing the old window. You definitely don’t want to damage the original frame or any other surrounding materials. Use a screwdriver, pry bar, and a utility knife very delicately to complete the task.

Step 3: Don’t install just yet

Before nailing or caulking, simply insert replacement window in the existing frame. Now, see how it fits, and where all will you need to install shims.

Step 4: Fitting the window

With the help of screws, secure the window into the frame. Align the screws with the existing screw holes in the frame. Tighten them until the window is firmly secured.

Step 5: Caulking

Caulk all the edges of the replacement window from the inside.

Step 6: Paint the interior

Once your replacement window is installed, stain or paint it with the similar color as your existing frame is. However, if you have purchased a replacement window of the same color as the frame is, this won’t be necessary.

Well, there you go. No DIY project is difficult, if you know the right steps and techniques. However, if in doubt, it is always a good idea to rely on professionals like Intexwindows for the job.

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