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Barstools must have an ideal height or ideal seat height in order to be able to use them for a minibar, counter or bar table. A space of 30 to 35 cm between the seat of the bar stool and the upper edge of the table or counter is recommended.

This Recommendation Pursues The Following Objective:

When you are sitting on the bar stools it is best to keep a distance of about 10cm between your legs and the bottom edge of the table or counter should. This promotes your sitting comfort for a very long time without your legs coming into contact with the table top or even parts of the table frame. Depending on how the table or counter is constructed, the indication of the optimum distance in “cm” may vary slightly from that recommended. As you choose the Bar Stools for sale you need to be sure of the same.

If you opt for a height adjustable bar stool, they are mostly more flexible and as it can usually be adjusted by 20 cm in height. In contrast, a non-height adjustable bar stool type is subject by its construction to less wear and slightly higher stability, since it stands on 4 legs. A height-adjustable bar stool stands on one leg, in which a gas lift is installed.

How Do I Find The Perfect Bar Stool For Me?

The personal touch and the physical environment are the first criteria to take into consideration when making a decision about new furnishings with bar stools. Therefore, all models are available in our online offers and represented from different perspectives so that at first glance you can get detailed information and get an accurate impression about it.

But apart from the individual tastes of the new owner, a bar stool must also fulfill ergonomic and technical requirements depending on its use. Because these are different for private use compared to commercial use. For this, we give you some practical advice and recommendations to choose the bar stool that perfectly meets your requirements.

Shape and Color of the Bar Stool?

At the outset, a decision in relation to form and color is essential, which like a harmonious complement or a targeted contrast should help to enrich the existing ambience. For the single person, no problem as a couple or as a family, several opinions have already been given.

Use and User of the Bar Stool?

Good and collective planning if necessary is always advantageous because it is necessary to consider in advance that will use the bar stools most often. If, for example, there are significant differences in the height and weight of the user, one can either choose one for all “stable compromise” or else decide in advance for the two different models.

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