The Perfect Furniture for the Perfect Garden: The Best of garden Architecture

Do you dream of new wooden garden furniture straight from interior design magazines? Do you enjoy spending time in the garden by the old, unsightly table? Before you decide to buy an expensive set of garden furniture made of wood, think about whether it is worth taking care of the old one. Maybe it is enough to change the color of garden furniture with a wood stain? Check which products are recommended by brand specialists for Augusta, Georgia Landscape Architecture.

From the text you will learn:

  • why wooden garden furniture should be properly protected
  • how to make a metamorphosis of garden furniture yourself,
  • what properties does the varnish stain have.

Painting garden furniture is the fastest way to change the arrangement of a terrace or garden. Instead of getting rid of existing tables and chairs, give them a second life. You will save money, and the satisfaction of a job well done will make you choose to relax outside.

How to paint wooden garden furniture?

Before any maintenance work, it is always worth making sure that the wood surface is clean and smooth. Prepare it in three easy steps:

  1. Wash your garden furniture with water and a mild detergent.
  2. If you have noticed greasy, stubborn stains, get rid of them with extraction gasoline.
  3. Make sure the surface is smooth wipe it off with a fine grit sandpaper and remove any dust formed with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

The substrate prepared in this way is ready for painting with stain. It is best to carry out painting on days when the temperature does not exceed 25 and is not lower than 5 . Under optimal conditions, the stain dries evenly and creates a durable protective layer. For painting, use a standard brush with soft bristles and small dimensions to conveniently reach all nooks and crannies. Spread the stain evenly with long brush strokes. Wait 12 hours for the stain to dry well and apply another coat. The color effect will then be clearer. After the second layer has dried, you can use your “new” old furniture.

Which wood stain should you choose?

If you want to use wood stain, make sure it is a good quality product. After all, it is better to refresh the furniture once in a while than bother with painting a few times a year. Also check that the product meets the requirements for outdoor use. The wood varnish stain guarantees effective protection of garden furniture. It creates a flexible, decorative coating, resistant to scratches and abrasion.

What color of garden furniture do you mind? With the varnish stain in a variety of colors, you can turn your ordinary pine chairs into elegant, modern furniture that looks like made from luxury wood. Do you dream of a modern, minimalist terrace with a glass table and bright cushions? The dark colors of protective and decorative varnish for garden furniture will work in this arrangement.

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