The Right Tillers As Per Your Requirement Now

Hoe-tillers allow you to work on small or medium – sized areas (from around 100 m² to 1000 m²) when the cultivators are mainly used for much larger areas, for example beyond 5000 m².

Maintaining your cultivator is both simple and quick

The maintenance of a hoe is very easy and well suited to individuals: just keep clean the most important parts of the device, namely the housings, the engine, the wheels, the belt and the transmission. Washing with water and quick drying with a cloth can be more than enough!

In conclusion, hoes are more manoeuvrable than tillers, and without any better suited to narrow spaces or difficult to access. If you don’t have a huge garden, you don’t need to invest hundreds of euros in a cultivator, all you need is a cultivator. Your vegetable garden but also your wallet will say thank you. You can go for the pine needle rake there now.

Which tiller to choose? And at what price?

The price of a tiller varies depending on the model chosen and its engine. Depending on your gardener needs & your budget, you can count between 70 and 600 €, which is a huge range! We must therefore return in detail to the prices charged on the market, model by model. Recall that a first price tiller is generally displayed at 600/700 € and that the so-called “professional” models are sold for several thousand euros.

The cheapest: the electric hoe

The electric hoe remains the cheapest hoe on the market. Electric hoes are generally the least expensive devices. Mainly used for small jobs, these are devices that require a nearby electrical point (or, of course, an extension cord!) And which are relatively silent. These light powered tools are sold at very low prices, that are to say from 50 to 200 €. Please note, the low-priced models are often quite fragile and not very recommendable. We have also written a full article on inexpensive hoes in order to unravel the good and bad hoes at low prices!

An electric tiller will be particularly interesting for small or medium-sized gardens / vegetable gardens, that is to say up to around 200 m². Beyond that, it will be more interesting to invest in a thermal hoe.

We advise you to read our full article on electric hoes, to learn all about the most reliable models.

If you have a large garden and you have to cultivate it, getting the right equipment remains a priority. With good garden equipment, you can plow and move your soil more easily. This will also save you back pain and help you save time. But if you do not have a substantial budget, you can opt for the purchase of used equipment. In order not to take the wrong model or poor quality material, you must then consider certain criteria. Here you will find all the necessary advice and tips to help you make the best choice.

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