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Keeping your workspace clean is a common goal but also everyone’s business. Put each one a little of his own, show a certain sensitivity to good practices easy to set up, it takes little to keep clean offices and good waves in the workplace, but conversely easy to do too derail the machine if some persist in remaining poor pupils. Let’s see this in more detail.

Encourage the storage of your workspace

For correct professional hygiene, starting from the beginning can be a good thing. In this case, remind employees that each workspace is personal, but they are still part of a common environment.

To maintain this ability to live well together, everyone must keep their office clean. The cleanliness of the premises already begins with that of the space allocated for each.

Employees should therefore be encouraged to clean their living space before leaving for the evening, as they must be invested in putting away their personal belongings and what they use daily. There comes perfect service from cleaning services etobicoke.

Set up an awareness campaign

The reminder of good manners is not alarming in the professional environment which sometimes tends to leave these questions aside. However, it is an essential subject for a happy and healthy life in community, so do not hesitate to set up an awareness campaign that is visible to all.

  • Clean your keyboard, wash your hands regularly, do not eat over your desk, use only a coffee cup, all these little gestures which are not natural for everyone must become automatic for everyone.
  • Eating in front of your desk: an increasingly common evil.

The establishment of an agenda for common responsibility

As cleanliness is everyone’s business, why not set up an agenda with a rotation of tasks for each employee? This encourages them to take part in joint activities in order to keep the premises in perfect conditions. When everyone is involved, everyone feels concerned and collective strength makes it possible to achieve this goal of cleanliness more easily and continuously.

Make patients work remotely

The cleanliness of the premises is not just a matter of dust, but also concerns all that is bacteria and viruses. Encouraging patients to stay at home to carry out their tasks so that they do not “contaminate” the workspace is highly recommended, because, be aware: bacteria are everywhere!

10 million new colleagues

A recent study from the University of Arizona noted that the average number of germs that are in daily contact with each employee is around 10 million

Choose the right cleaning company

Getting staff to live in a clean workspace is everyone’s job, but it needs to be taken even more seriously by management. By using a cleaning company , larger housework will be done more efficiently. This does not prevent continuing to educate its staff and encourage them to tidy up and clean up their workspace.

There are many ways to encourage your employees to take part in household chores that help keep the workplace clean. With diplomacy and pedagogy, you can encourage them to tidy up regularly. For the heaviest tasks, do not hesitate to call on an outside cleaning company.

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