Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Window Replacement Company

Windows account for about 25 to 30% of the cooling and heating energy used in a home. Replacing leaky or outdated windows can substantially reduce your energy bills. However, the windows you pick will only be efficient if they are installed properly. And this will require you to hire the right window replacement company.

To ensure that you hire the right company, below are a few important things to consider.


Ask about the company’s history in the window replacement industry. Are they familiar with the kind of job you want to be done? Of course, hiring people who have years of experience is always a safer option. However, if you are willing to hire a new company, make sure that they have a few people who can vouch for their services.

Are they licensed?

You will want to verify if the business has a license that allows them to offer window replacement services. Ask for their license number then check if it is up to date. An important note, some states do not require contractors to be licensed. In such a case, ask for references that can prove that they are knowledgeable about the home improvement industry.

Are they insured?

A professional contractor should be insured. They should have an all in one liability insurance cover for you and your property. Plus, a workers compensation insurance for their workers in case of an injury at your property. These two insurance covers protect you from any liability in case there is an accident at your home or property. You must see proof that the insurance is updated. This could be in the form of an insurance certificate. Never hire an uninsured contractor. The risks involved could never be worth the reward, even if they offer the lowest prices.


You would want to know the project budget so a contractor must be able to give you an estimate. Some companies charge for this service while others don’t. You should also inquire upfront the down payment they will want for the job. Never hire anyone who wants the full amount of the project upfront. They are likely a fraud. Also, keep in mind that some states limit the amount a contractor can ask as a deposit.

Window options

Does the contractor offer the window options you want? Beware of contractors who offer a single window option. They could be more focused on making sales than giving you advice on the best window replacement options for your property.

Windows are investment so make sure you trust the right window replacement company in Port Orange, FL to do the job.

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