Know About Different Kinds Of Taps

One of the most difficult tasks while building a new house is selecting the correct taps. House taps are used in many places like kitchen, bath, vanity, shower, and laundry. Each taps have their unique need and even the design for each taps should be different. People often buy all taps as bulk but try to select different taps based on their requirements and design. Different taps for each place will give a better look for the house. For example, laundry taps will not suit the bathroom and other places both in terms of the look and the usage. 

Different types of materials are used to manufacture taps. Some of the commonly used materials are stainless steel, nickel, brass, and chrome. The efficiency and the performance of the tap are not dependent on the material of the tap. So you can select material based on the look of the tap and its design. Spouts and brass taps are very rarely used but it can add extra elegance to the house. Even the smooth finish of this material will give you a modern look. Even addition facility like LED light settings is provided with the spout tap which indicates the temperature level of the water. In this article let us discuss some of the different varieties of taps.

Mixer Taps:

In Australia, mixer taps are most commonly used. In olden days there will be different spout for the hot water and cold water and you should mix manually to get the warm temperature water but in mixer taps, we can get mixed hot and cold water from the single spout. It is very convenient and easy to get warm water from the mixer taps and they are sensible too. Mixer taps are very easy to use with a single operation you can get warm water. 

Different styles of the tap:

Taps come in different styles. Some of the common style of taps are lever and crosshead. You can fix the tap either on the base or can be attached separately based on the application and the space available. You have a wide range of design options available. Some of the famous types of design are lever type both single and double, wall-mounted, laundry taps, pedestal taps and etc. 

Working Method of taps:

The flow of the water in the tap is based on the type. The washer is compressed against the metal when the taps are opened or closed. This operation restricts the flow of the water in the taps. The washer is made up of neoprene or rubber. Due to the screwing action of the taps the washer will wear after a few years. The washer can be replaced separately. 

Some taps do not need a washer for their operation. The three types of washerless taps are ball taps, ceramic disc taps, and cartridge taps. In ball taps instead of washer, a ball made of stainless steel or plastic is used. Leakage is the main disadvantage of ball taps. In cartridge type brass or plastic cartridges are used. Ceramic plates are used to restrict the flow of water and to control the temperature of the water in the ceramic disc taps.

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