Right Choices for Excellent Cleaning Service

If the school starts to buy professional cleaning products with its own funds, it will be a big item in the overall budget. When contacting a cleaning company, this problem will not be on the agenda because everything (including professional equipment) is provided by the cleaning contractor. In all cases, the company that undertakes the cleaning of the school will use only quality preparations with antibacterial properties, which are non-allergenic and safe for children.

Professional cleaning of kindergartens and schools

Throughout the world, professional cleaning of schools, colleges and universities is the preferred form of maintaining a friendly appearance and cleanliness. Maintaining cleanliness in schools and universities with the help of a cleaning company solves the problem of appointing a huge staff of cleaners who are not specialized in different types of activities anyway, and their work cannot meet the increasing demands.

Professional care for school cleanliness is a key to the health of students and teachers. The employees of the cleaning company are well acquainted with the specifics of detergents and have an excellent knowledge of the technique of cleaning in hard to reach places.

School cleaning cost?

A specific price cannot be announced because different schools have different parameters. The price depends on the area and the degree of pollution. For this we offer a free inspection at a time convenient for you so that we can prepare you an adequate offer. With the cleaning services in scarborough you can have the best deals now.

The benefits of this type of service can be added further

  • Basic preparation of classrooms and other school premises for the beginning of the school year.
  • This includes cleaning the adjacent territories, refreshing school furniture, windows, walls and other surfaces.
  • All this activity is done with inventory owned by the cleaning company.
  • The professional household chemicals used are not toxic to staff, students and the environment. These preparations do not damage the surfaces and provide long-term resistance to new impurities.
  • Cleaning is dry and wet. By prior arrangement, the company releases clogged toilets while maintaining the integrity of the pipes.

When staffing a school cleaning crew, staff is carefully selected according to their skills. Cleaning removes germs and dirt from the most important surfaces, both in the study rooms and in the kitchen, dining and sanitary areas. Treatment with a cleaner and water is not always enough, especially during an influenza epidemic or spread of another infection.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning does not kill the germs but removes them from the surface, thus reducing the amount and risk of spreading the infection.

Standard procedures include daily treatment of the areas and objects that are most commonly touched – tables, chairs, door handles, computer keyboards, practical training items and sink taps.

For the purpose of prevention, it is also necessary to disinfect with the help of chemicals that cannot be performed by casual people. Disinfection kills germs after cleaning and reduces the spread of infection to a very low level. Thus, a contract that the school authorities enter into with a cleaning company can also include a requirement for disinfection if needed.

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