Water Storage Solutions for Your Home

Water is very important in our daily lives. As humans, we cannot survive without consuming water regularly. As an essential natural resource, water is also required for natural processes and industrial uses. Some of such uses include cooling, oil refining, food processing, and many more.

It has been predicted that there may be a shortage of water in the coming years. The international society has been trying to see how such occurrence can be avoided. Governments of many countries have started enforcing more stringent environmental regulations for the use of water.

It has been deemed urgent to adopt a more effective system that will ensure better supply and use of water in urban or suburban centers. There is need to reduce water pollution and look into new sources of water.

In some countries, the price of water has appreciated. People can no longer afford to waste water, nor ignore water pipe leakages for long. This is why an effective and efficient municipal water supply system is needed. What would give you an edge in today’s world in view of all that has been stated above? The right water storage solutions for you home.

What is the Right Option for Your Home?

Many homes that have access to municipal water supply have acquired bolted tanks due to their many merits. Bolted tanks offer nice solutions to the issues that make other types of tanks less preferable. Some of the issues are discussed below.

The Hassles of Maintenance

Bolted tanks are low-maintenance water storage varieties. Due to how strong the materials used in making them are, bolted steel tanks are naturally resistant to corrosion and need very little effort to maintain.

It is easy to keep bolted tanks free from leakages if well maintained. On the other hand, welded steel tanks may corrode overtime and require more maintenance measures to keep them leak-free. The bolted tanks made from powder-coated steel have their weak spots eliminated and are known for their extreme durability.

Lastly, the fasteners and other hardware utilized in assembling the tanks are also corrosion resistant. Even the fasteners can be capped or completely encapsulated to further shield them from harm. Durable EDPM rubber gaskets are utilized to curb corrosion and leaks between each steel section.

The Hassles of Making RepairsĀ 

Other types of storage tanks (concrete, welded, and so on are demanding when it comes to the effort that is needed to make repairs. For welded tanks, the damaged sections need to be removed and replaced with new steel. For concrete tanks, the damaged section is removed for new concrete to replace it.

From the above, it can be seen that the concrete and welded tanks require complex maintenance procedures. In contrast to this, bolted tanks require faster and easier maintenance procedures. The damaged sections can simply be replaced by unbolting them and fixing new ones with bolts. In several cases, the replacement sections may come with fasteners and gaskets. Read more about that here.

The process of repairing bolted tanks greatly reduces the downtime for the water supply system in comparison to other tank types. It is also cheap.

The Hassles of Expansion

There is constant development in suburban and urban centers. With the increase in population in those centers, the demand for municipal water will also be high. With the conventional tank types in use, the only option in most instances would be to install additional tanks as a solution. However, this can be an expensive process that involves a very long system downtime.

Bolted tanks can be the solution for your home to beat that significantly long downtime. In fact, the tank offers two options:

  1. The addition of more bolted tanks to increase your home’s water storage capacity. This is good if there is enough space to accommodate more tanks.
  2. The expansion of existing tanks by adding more sections to increase capacity and height. This is good if the installation area can handle the weight.

Bolted tanks are very cost-effective storage solutions that provide a number of merits that beat other storage solutions like the concrete and welded types. They can also be utilized for other uses apart from just the storage of potable water.

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